About Heely Brown

Since 1982 Heely Brown Company has worked in conjunction with the Swiss manufacturer Leister Technologies to provide the most advanced and industry leading hot air tools in the marketplace In addition to roofing, many of Heely Brown Company’s leading business conglomerates are industries such as food and beverage, paper, automotive, cosmetics, electronics, telecommunications, and even the environmental science field. For nearly 30 years Heely Brown has been a distribution arm of their Swiss counterpart. This bonded relationship has led to Heely Brown becoming the sole importer of Leister tools in the southeast since 2005. This distinguishing characteristic allows us to maintain an extensive array of tools for process heating, drying, curing, blowing off, coating, shrinking, industrial fabrics, civil engineering, plastic welding, fabrication, and many other applications. Not only do we stock heat sources and blowers, we have a large inventory of control systems, nozzles, plastic extruders, parts, and replacement heating elements. Heely Brown Company and Leister is providing solutions which continue to benefit consumers world-wide.