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Bending, forming, welding …. all are easily accomplished with the complete line of Leister Hot Air Tools. Through years of experience, the LEISTER tools have become efficient, heavy duty – yet lightweight and the most sought after. Available with Digital display, welds are easily reproducible.

Leister Hot Air Tools Diode PID Hand Tool smLeister Diode PID Leister Electron ST Hand ToolLeister Electron ST Leister Fusion 2 Hand ExtruderLeister Fusion 2
Leister Fusion 3 Hand ExtruderLeister Fusion 3 Leister Fusion 3C Hand ExtruderLeister Fusion 3C Leister Hot Air Tools Hot Jet S Hand Tool smLeister Hot Jet S
Leister Process Heat Minor BlowerLeister Minor Leister Hot Air Tools Triac AT Hand Tool smLeister Triac AT Leister Hot Air Tools Triac BT Hand Tool smLeister Triac BT
Leister Triac BT Plastic Welding Set smLeister BT Plastic Welding Set Leister Hot Air Tools Triac S Hand ToolLeister Triac S Leister Hot Air Tools Triac ST Hand ToolLeister Triac ST
Leister Hot Air Tools Welding Pen R Hand ToolLeister Welding Pen R Leister Hot Air Tools Weldmax Hand ExtruderLeister Weldmax Leister Weldplast S1 Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S1
Leister Weldplast S2 Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S2 Leister Weldplast S2 PVC Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S2 PVC Leister Weldplast S4 Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S4
Leister Weldplast S6 Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S6