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Hot air can be used successfully in a wide variety of processes and techniques. Depending on the required temperature, static and dynamic pressure, air velocity and air volume the appropriate Leister hot air blowers – or Leister heaters with suitable Leister blowers can be combined and installed. Using various Leister nozzles and Leister reflectors, the hot air can be concentrated, fanned or even sharply reduced without any significant loss of temperature. The temperature of the hot air can, depending on the model, step – less controlled from ambient temperature to max. 900°. Improperly constructed nozzles can affect the hot air stream, the efficiency of the tool and therefore only LEISTER nozzles should be used. 


Leister Process Heat Airpack Blower sm

Leister Airpack

Leister Process Heat ASO Blower sm

Leister ASO

Leister Process Heat Mono 6 System Blower_sm

Leister Mono 6 System

Leister Process Heat Robust Blower sm

Leister Robust


Leister Process Heat Silence Blower sm

Leister Silence