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Precise welding, durability and reliability are some of the main reasons why skilled professionals have relied on Leister products for over 50 years. Leister hand extruders are suited for a variety of plastic fabrication and civil engineering applications, including container construction and pipe welding. With ergonomic design in mind, each tool features a rotating welding shoe, which makes welding with Leister hand extruders comfortable and effortless, regardless of your location or position.

Leister Fusion 2 Hand ExtruderLeister Fusion 2 Leister Fusion 3 Hand ExtruderLeister Fusion 3 Leister Fusion 3C Hand ExtruderLeister Fusion 3C
Leister Weldplast S1 Hand Extruder Leister Weldplast S1 Leister Weldplast S2 Hand Extruder Leister Weldplast S2 Leister Weldplast S2 PVC Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S2 PVC
Leister Weldplast S2 TPO Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S2 TPO Leister Weldplast S4 Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S4 Leister Weldplast S6 Hand ExtruderLeister Weldplast S6
Leister Hot Air Tools Weldmax Hand ExtruderLeister Weldmax