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Take your job to the next level.  Utilizing the Twinny T and Comet USB allow you to do just that by taking information from the job site directly to your laptop computer or pc.

USB data is constantly being stored on its memory stick eliminating the need to hand-write information or shuffle paperwork back and forth.  This new procedure has the ability to transform your work results into a mobile office for information processing. 

Performing high profile jobs while utilizing Leister welding machines has never been more professional.  These USB tools log all machine action including start/ stop, speed, temperature, and joining pressure.  With no configuration required this technology validates itself with every job. 

Because your job requires an efficient and reliable source of welding results, Leister Technologies’ Twinny T USB and Comet USB have been developed to transform your project into a mobile office complete with the day’s welding and testing results.